By: Tiina Huovinen



Whether you are are working during the summer or just having a vacation, summer is a break from the pressure of studies. You can take time to do all the fun things you haven’t had time to do during the semester. If you are working, you still have free time and even days-off, without pressure do study or be productive. If you don’t have a job for the summer, you have the whole summer for the sweet idleness. Here a few things to do, when you don’t want to do anything.



Read good books

Reading something just for the pleasure of it is relaxing. You have probably read a lot of books, and haven’t had time to engross in something lighter. Now you have the chance to do that. Maybe you’d like to get lost in the Middle Earth with Frodo and Sam? Or read a classic, like Pride and Prejudice? A good thing about reading is that it is not weather bound: you can read it inside, if it’s raining, or take the book with you to the beach if the sun is shining.


Binge-watch a show

How many seasons can you watch in a row? Watching shows is a perfect pass time if the weather is not so perfect. Just log in to a streaming service of your choice and pick a show you want to watch. Pro tip: use the free trials and try out several subscription services.


Be a tourist in your hometown

You think you know your hometown like the palm of your hands? You are probably wrong. There are definitely places you are not familiar with. Maybe there is a park on the other side of the town, you have never been to? Or an art gallery? There might be a festival that you have never been to since it is not your cup of tea? But maybe this summer it could be. Be bold and go where you have never been before.


Exercise outside

If you are going to the beach, why not actually swim there, and not just lay on the beach towel? Check out if there are yoga or kettlebell classes in a park or a football field near you. Ask your friends to play football and beach volley with you. Disc golf is also great fun. It’s also relaxing to just go for a walk in a forest, and listen to the birds singing.


Play tabletop games

If it is raining, call your friends for a tabletop game tournament. When you are not occupied with studies, you can learn to play something complicated, like Star Wars Imperial Assault (if you are a Star Wars fan) or Star Trek: Ascendancy (if you are a Trekkie). Of course, you can play the old classics, like Scrabble, Monopoly or, if you don’t want to use any logical and strategic thinking, Snakes and Ladders.


Learn to make ice cream

Ice cream is delicious, and homemade ice cream is even better. You don’t even need an ice cream maker to make your own ice cream. There are plenty of recipes that you can do with the blend-and-freeze method. If you have a blender, you can make nice cream, a healthier, but also delicious alternative to ice cream. Nice cream is made of frozen bananas, so you can count it to your 5 A Day. Also, smoothie popsicles count as 5 A Day, so it might be a great idea to buy popsicle molds to make cool refreshments.



We hope our tips inspire you to come up with your own awesome summer vacation ideas. Make the most of your summer, just the way you like it: relax, do things you enjoy and remember the sunscreen!

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