Information for Students

“All schools listed on this site are cooperating directly with us and are not collected without their consent.”



Dear student or applicant! Welcome to our School Portal!

JumpToWork School Portal is a simple online tool especially for prospective students who are interested to get higher education abroad and for students who want to find their dream university or other higher education institution!

In the broader perspective, JumpToWork aims to connect students, schools, and companies with the assistance of two global portals.



Within the School Portal, students can…

  • Use the School Directory where universities and other higher education institutions from all over the world are listed.
  • Use the Search tool to look for the dream study place by indicating search conditions, keywords, categories and location.
  • Check out the Profile of an interesting and attractive school, contact them or simply click on their home website/social network account buttons to know more.



Besides the School Portal, students can benefit from JumpToWork Job Portal, which is currently in the developing phase. Moreover, its services are totally free for students.

The Job Portal is launched to help both undergraduates and postgraduates to find jobs, internships, and thesis work placements in different countries. Getting a job and creating a professional network becomes easier and faster with JumpToWork in the nearest future! Together we create possibilities! If you want to boost your career, you are on the right path!



In case you have any question or you want to know more detailed information, feel free to contact us via email We are looking forward to cooperation!