IBS International Business School Ljubljana, Slovenia

IBS International Business School Ljubljana educates internationally competitive business economists. Our graduates acquire knowledge in the fields of modern business, foreign languages, sustainable development and public administration. They are well acquainted with practice and develop responsible attitude towards ethics, social and environmental issues.
Mencingerjeva 7, 1000 Slovenia


IBS International Business School Ljubljana will be a modern, open college based on the student-centered approach. IBS will strive to achieve high quality of pedagogical, scientific and professional work. We will permanently improve the educational and academic structure of our employees and knowledge of our graduates, and develop innovative and internationally comparable programs and international cooperation.



IBS Ljubljana offers accredited programs: BA International Business and MA International Business and Sustainable Development. Both programs are based on the Bologna system and are equivalent to similar programs in Europe and in other parts of the world. The graduates acquire the title BA International Business and/or MA International Business and Sustainable Development.



IBS checks employment of its students every year and finds that the majority of its students are employed – older students on permanent basis while younger ones have part-time and temporary jobs. Graduates of IBS work in bigger and small (very often also their own) firms and in the public administration. They organize international events, investigate foreign markets, work in marketing, as managers of enterprises or departments etc. The majority of our MA students are employed in public administration.

Many students have very interesting careers. A number of students were promoted after they graduated and got a better job and salary. Some years ago an Indonesian student graduated from IBS, moved to the USA, had her IBS diploma recognized in the USA and got a good job. We had a student who moved to Slovenia from Asia and is now manager of a restaurant in Ljubljana etc.



IBS employs very good Slovenian and foreign lecturers who have both academic qualifications and practical experiences. Our teachers and students try to develop good relationships by cultivating responsibility, open communication, positive atmosphere and sharing of professional knowledge. The most popular methods of teaching are short lectures, discussions, case studies, listening to and speaking with guest teachers and other forms of active learning. Foreign languages are taught in a friendly and relaxed environment.


Website Link www.ibs.si
Phone Number 0038640561896
Contact Email info@ibs.si
Country Slovenia
State/Province Ljubljana
Distance 627 Kilometers
Address Mencingerjeva 7, 1000 Slovenia