By: Elizaveta Vasiukova


Have you ever experienced the situation when you have an important task to do but you find yourself doing whatever else but not what was planned? Most probably everyone is familiar with the feeling of self-blame that comes afterward. This interesting phenomenon is called procrastination.

Let’s try to come up with ways to tame this time-wasting beast.


When does procrastination start knocking at your door? Exactly in the moment when you start to feel anxious about the completion of an urgent task. To escape from these negative emotions, you start to procrastinate. For someone, it means doing more favorable things over less favorable actions which require urgency, like, watching entertaining videos on YouTube or playing games on your phone. Some people just reorganize the priorities of daily goals and at some point start to do useful, but less important things that will give an instant result, for example cleaning the house.

Does procrastination equal to laziness? The answer is no. Lazy people just don’t want to do anything and don’t feel bad about it. Procrastinators are different. They want to implement their tasks, but just don’t know how to start and mostly they do it in the last moment. Is it always bad? And again, the answer is no! Why, will you ask? Some tasks can allow us to procrastinate a bit. For example, you’ve been given a month for some work or school project, but you are pretty confident that you can successfully manage in one week. In this case, there is no reason to force yourself to spread your energy for a given time-frame. You can accomplish those tasks in a comfortable way for yourself and allow yourself to do whatever you like.

However, there is another kind of procrastination situation. For example, you’ve been given the same month to finish the project, but you don’t know how long it will take for you to accomplish it and at the same time you find it so boring. What happens after? You start to do it on the last day. You are stressed and tired. And you are literally asking yourself why you didn’t finish it before.


To avoid these kinds of situations here are top 5 hacks for you:



  1. Make a “To-Do List” and write down, everything you need to do tomorrow by prioritizing tasks.
  2. Do the least favorite things in the morning. The one that was given the first will be a priority in your “To-Do List”. And don’t think too much before starting, here is the same system as with a parachute jump. If you will accomplish at least one task in a day which happens to be the most urgent one, you will make the first big step on your way to full self-control.
  3. Find someone who has the same dilemma as you, and work on doing things together. Face challenges together. This hack works perfectly for students.
  4. Do something every day! Yes, every day. Do something small for your task even if you’ve been given a long time. Make a rule for yourself, for example, to write half a page per day for your thesis. Easy right? And at the end of the week, you will have 3 pages done.
  5. Encourage yourself! If you’ve been successfully managing your schedule for a week or day or even some hours, you can allow yourself something that you like. For example, after the completion of your daily mission, allow yourself a chocolate donut with coffee. Not the best example in terms of waistline management, especially if one of your goals was to stop eating sweets. But you’ve got it!



I hope this advice was useful to you and I wish you good luck on your way to a procrastination-free life.



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