The mission of JumpToWork is to facilitate the connection and cooperation between students, schools and companies globally. We believe that the well-thought connecting approach brings benefits to each of the party and makes a perfect match of student-school or student-employer. Creating reliable and strong connections for educational and commercial purposes as well as advancing in career path is no longer difficult! Moreover, we are eager to improve the cooperation specially between schools and companies, and therefore create an easy global access for students to job/internship/project offers in future.

JumpToWork which belongs to WorldSome Oy, Finland is a web portal specialized at connecting students, schools and companies all around the world. We enable students (and other job seekers) to apply for positions in Job Portal (internships, thesis, other jobs) and search information about universities in our school directory. Vice versa, companies have possibility to display their job advertisement and schools get chance to market themselves. Connection network for further cooperation between companies and school is available. Our mission is to facilitate the (connection and ) cooperation between students, schools and companies globally.

The cornerstone of JumpToWork is assisting students’ study & career paths with a variety of education institutions as well as job offers while increasing companies’ capacities for recruiting new talents and promoting schools universally. JumpToWork is founded and launched in 2016-2017. We embrace a dynamic start-up environment with an international and talented team. We are creative, active and enthusiastic members who are willing to serve our customers the best.

Our job portal is a great opportunity for companies to increase cost-effectively their visibility as well as attract new talents. Companies can create profiles and post job offers to reach young specialists with various competences and backgrounds globally.