By: Emily Butenko


Many people nowadays are business owners, whether it’s their full-time job or a side project, the number of entrepreneurs around the world rises with every day. Starting your business can change your life dramatically and free you from a 9 to 17 job. Owning a business can mean working when and where you want, doing what and how you want with who you want. Doesn’t that sound nice?


The Jane Westman, President of Jane Wesman Public Relations says that starting a business is no easy task. “It takes courage, energy, and determination. Be honest with yourself. Do you have the courage to overcome an endless array of obstacles? The energy to persevere during both good and bad times? And the determination to stick it out over the long run? If so, then you’re in for the adventure of your life. You’ll learn to tap inner resources you never knew you had. You’ll gain a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction like none other. And best of all, once you make it as an entrepreneur, you’ll never have to work for anyone else again.”


She presented The 6 Startup Essentials For a Business That Will Succeed on that we will briefly touch on here.



Commit to one business

People who create successful companies do it one company at a time. You need to be fully committed to your big idea. Entrepreneurship is not about the latest fad or fashion. It’s about making a commitment to something that will absorb large amounts of your time — and possibly quite a bit of money.


Know your business

If you want to open a restaurant, then work in one before going out on your own. If you want to launch a marketing firm, you need experience in that industry.


Join the right organizations

It’s essential to join professional organizations in your field — or organizations that support entrepreneurs and start-ups through networking and educational programs. And don’t forget to attend conferences and seminars. Since there are dozens of choices, this can be overwhelming, so I advise you to choose wisely.  Shop around and then join two or three organizations that are the best fit for you.


Create a business blueprint

Most likely you will be using your own funds, credit cards or money borrowed from family and friends to launch your business. Unless you are looking for venture capital or angel investors, you probably won’t need an in-depth business plan to get going, but you will need  a “business blueprint.”

  • A clear description of what the business does and who it serves.
  • A description of how the business will run on a day-to-day basis.
  • A list of your responsibilities.  
  • A list of what you will do and what other people will do.
  • An estimate of what it will cost to run the business for the first year.
  • An estimate of how you will cover these first-year expenses, either through sales or from some other source.


You can’t do it alone. Build a team

One of the biggest myths about starting a business is thinking that you’ve got to do it alone. The truth is that you cannot create a great business without help.  Using your business blueprint as a guide, you’ll need to put together the following three teams — professional advisers, an informal “board of directors”, and your own staff.


Take good care of yourself and stay curious

“Give yourself a break”. It is essential to take time away from work. Make sure that you socialize with family and friends — and take vacations. It is impossible to make wise decisions when you are consumed by your own private world at work. Getting away helps you see your business clearly — and it makes life much more interesting and fun. Starting a business is an adventure. Don’t let it become drudgery.



Starting your own business can be intimidating, but people just like you are doing it, with the help and support of their friends and family. We are sure following these 6 “rules” or advice will definitely assist you in whatever business you are willing to start and will give you a heads-up about what you’re getting yourself into.



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